Can I fill out intake forms before I arrive at the office?

Yes, we require intake forms to be submitted the day prior to your visit.  Upon booking, you will receive an email with a link to your digital intake forms.  If you require paper forms, these links can be printed:

Will I be treated on the first visit?

If no advanced imaging, testing, or other relevant case information is required, you will be treated during the first visit.

What is a treatment like?

Every treatment is different depending on the combination of therapies individually recommended by the Doctor.  All therapies are interactive and often involve your participation, therefore do not expect to receive treatment, but rather be active in producing your treatment. Appropriate stretches and rehabilitation exercises will be prescribed to augment your treatments.

What should I expect after the treatment?

We expect all patients to comply with homecare advice, such as icing, exercise, and stretching instructions. Non-compliance may result in unnecessary discomfort. This is especially important in the first few visits. The home instructions given are designed to facilitate and reduce the number of treatments required to treat your condition.

How many treatments should I expect?

Many patients experience complete recovery after only 8-12 visits, although this depends on the injuries that have been present. With something that has been present for years or decades expect a little more work. The bottom line is that patients get well quickly and with much less expense.

Which insurance companies do you work with?

Please see our Insurance/Fees page for a list of accepted insurance plans.